Board Governance Best Practices

At eBOARDsolutions, we’ve been helping boards and the people who work with them get more done for more than two decades. Providing more than just best-in-class board management tools and resources, we work with boards to align technology to best practices – turning best practices into daily practice.

Strategic Planning: Charting Dublin City Schools’ Path to Excellence

Discover how Dublin City Schools are setting the standard for educational excellence with their strategic planning process. This article delves into the innovative approaches and committed efforts that are guiding the district towards achieving its goals of enhancing student outcomes and overall school performance. Join…

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Strategic Planning for Boards

The Power of Planning: Achieving Strategic and Operational Excellence

Planning is an essential activity that helps individuals and school districts to achieve their goals and objectives. Planning involves thinking ahead, anticipating challenges, and developing strategies to overcome them. It provides a roadmap for decision-making, resource allocation, and performance evaluation. Whether it’s an individual planning…

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Board Management Software Buyer's Guide

Board Management Software Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right board management software for your organization can be a challenge. View our board management buyer’s guide for helpful tips and strategies to help you navigate the selection process, including criteria for reviewing and assessing the most crucial elements of the platform.

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Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes: 8 Things You Should Never Miss

Taking effective meeting minutes is an important aspect of board management. Not only do minutes provide a historical account of board actions, they help to measure progress against your strategic plan, drive accountability, and can be used as legal protection if necessary.

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