Simbli Board Meeting Software

Simbli’s meeting management software is one of six, integrated modules that make up Simbli’s board management solution. As a cloud-based software solution, Simbli can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device, making it easier to safely and securely develop, manage, and conduct paperless board meetings.

Better Meetings For All

Those that regularly participate in board meetings know firsthand the effort required to prepare, conduct, and follow-up on scheduled meetings. It’s a familiar routine, particularly for board secretaries, and one that can be difficult, time consuming, and downright painful.

Simbli helps automate routine tasks board secretaries perform, like building meeting agendas, creating minutes, and managing board communications, making their job much easier. Board members have fast, easy access to board materials and that helps everyone stay informed, aligned, and focused on what’s truly important.



Simbli's core suite of integrated software ensures visibility of board policies, strategic plan, and goal scorecard directly within meetings.


Simbli is accessible on any device, viewable in a variety of languages, and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Simbli is SOC certified and employs the highest level of security including system redundancy, data encryption, and data backups.

Key Benefits

The perfect combination of functionality and usability

Board meeting management software should make board meetings more efficient and enjoyable – for everyone. Simbli features the perfect combination of functionality and usability, helping boards streamline and improve board management and governance.

  • Assemble agenda items across an unlimited number of meeting types including board meetings, staff meetings, and more
  • Use pre-formatted meeting templates, toggling on/off agenda item sections
  • Create and modify agenda items using ‘drag and drop’ functionality
  • Add text, hyperlinks, tables, images, and video with a powerful, built-in page editor
  • Create user roles, showing or hiding agenda items to groups of users based on permissions
  • Assign specific agenda items to individual owners, enabling workflows that requires approval when an agenda items are complete
  • Enable access to meetings via QR codes and ‘add to calendar’ functionality
  • Print meeting packets including cover page, table of contents, watermarks, footers, and page numbers
Before the Meeting
  • Automatically pull in draft minutes from the prior meeting for approval
  • Record meeting attendance
  • Import item recommendations into your minutes
  • Record votes manually or via online voting
  • Flexible printing options for meeting minutes
  • Allow attendees to take notes
During the Meeting
  • Share meeting minutes with other stakeholders for final approval
  • Publish meeting minutes for all stakeholders including the community
  • Use Simbli’s powerful search functionality to search archived meeting agendas, minutes, policies, and shared documents
After the Meeting

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