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Piles of papers, multiple versions of meeting agendas, routing and collecting of agenda items from staff, and lots of wasted time. If this sounds familiar, Simbli’s paperless board meeting management software can help. Breeze through agenda preparation. Give easy, secure access to board materials. And feel confident that everything you do moves you closer to achieving your strategic goals. The result: more meaningful meetings and happier, more productive board members.
Simbli Meeting Management Software
Simbli Strategic Planning Software


Strategic planning means more than creating a document that just sits on the shelf. After you build it, you need to work it. Simbli’s Planning software allows for the development of multiple plan types and transforms static plans into helpful guides, showing board members and staff what to focus on, and how their work fits into the bigger picture. Manage. Measure. Communicate. And turn long-term plans into everyday action.


Making sure your policies are up to date, in compliance and sent to the right people takes valuable time that most board members can’t spare. Get hours back in your day with Simbli’s Board Policy Management software—one place to manage, access and search your policies in multiple languages. Handbooks and manuals are fair game, too. So you can spend less time pushing papers, and more time celebrating wins.
Simbli Policy Management Software
Simbli Evaluations Software


Better board performance starts with more effective evaluations and assessments. But knowing which type to use, the best questions to ask, and how to analyze and act on results can be overwhelming. Keep it simple with Simbli’s Board Performance Evaluation software. Manage board self-assessments, leader evaluations and organizational reviews— all with templates and tools to keep your work aligned and always moving forward.


When a document is misplaced, work can grind to a halt. Keep everything rolling smoothly with Simbli’s Document Management software. Save all your important board documents in one central, online location place with permissions to allow board members, staff and the public to find exactly what they need online, while protecting sensitive data. With Simbli, take control of your documents, and take your board work to new heights.
Simbli Documents Software
Simbli Communications Software


You shouldn’t have to rely on your technical team to update your website or find that lost email. Instead, communication to the board and to the public should flow freely. With Simbli’s board management software, you can get the right message to the right person without a single call to IT. That means more transparency, more trust, and more kudos for a job well done.

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