Simbli Policy Management Software

Making sure your policies are up to date, in compliance and sent to the right people takes valuable time. Get hours back in your day with Simbli’s Board Policy Management software—one place to manage, access and search your policies in multiple languages. Handbooks and manuals are fair game, too. So you can spend less time pushing papers, and more time celebrating wins.

Best-In-Class, Online Policy Management Solution

Board policies and administrative procedures can be hard to keep track of when you’re busy working on strategic initiatives. With Simbli, you no longer have to send out individual policy updates and hope everyone has the most recent version stored in their own files. Keep your board members, staff and community updated and accountable with online access to the latest policies and administrative procedures, and save the cost and confusion that comes with printing and delivering paper copies.


Simbli Planning Software Organizes Your Plan Into Four Sections:


Add an executive summary, background information, planning information, and more.


Itemize your plan By adding your organization's vision, mission, beliefs, and plan items.


Add key performance indicators (kpi's) to be used to measure progress within the plan.


Create a strategy map, balanced scorecard, goal scorecard, plan packet, and plan export.

Key Benefits

Simplify and improve your planning with Simbli

Simbli’s Planning Software allows for the development of multiple plan types and transforms static plans into helpful guides, showing board members and staff what to focus on, and how their work fits into the bigger picture.

Simbli offers unparalleled flexibility when setting up different types of plans. Customize and manage ALL of your organizational plans to fit your needs including:

  • Strategic and Operational Plans
  • School Improvement Plan
  • Technology Plan
  • Facilities Plan
  • Professional Development Plan

…and many more

Strategic Planning for Boards

Adding and managing your plan data is easy with Simbli’s planning software. Plan editors can use templates and assign specific plan items to share responsibility and ease the burden of updates and upkeep.

  • Create plan and item templates
  • Customize item fields to plan type
  • Assign plan items and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to empower users to manage and update their own items
  • Create and update plan items from outline or spreadsheet views
  • Send notifications to remind team members to update their items and/or KPI’s
Simbli Planning Software - Data Management

Choose from a variety of different reporting and printing options, catering to the specific needs of all your stakeholders.

  • Plan Outline
  • Plan Packet (print full plan to PDF)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Strategy Map
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Goal Scorecard
  • Export Plan to Excel
Simbli Planning Software - Reporting and Printing

Improve visibility and ease of use by showing or hiding sections or specific items of your plans.

  • Customize visibility of sections, plan items, and reports so users see what is relevant
  • Responsive design allows plan access from a mobile device
Simbli Planning Software - Plan Visibility

Simbli’s Planning software integrates with the Simbli Meetings, Policy, and Evaluation software, helping subscribers tie together all aspects of the board’s important work in one place.

Simbli Planning Software - Integration

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