New Simbli Meetings Module

Faster, Easier, and Even Better than Before

Introducing the all new Simbli Meetings module – with a sleek, new design and enhanced user interface, creating, modifying, and conducting meetings has never been faster, easier, or more efficient. Seeing is believing – explore the new enhancements to the software and learn more about the benefits awaiting you and your governance team!

simbli_new_meetings Introducing the All New Meetings Module

Take a 'Quick Tour' of the new Simbli Meetings module.

New and Improved

End-to-End Meeting Management

Inspired by Simbli users, the new Meetings module enhancements represent a giant leap forward in meeting management and execution. Uber-accessible, hyper-intuitive, ultra-quick, and super-cool, you’re simply going to love conducting board meetings with Simbli! Existing Simbli Users: Explore the recent enhancements to the software and learn more about the benefits in store for you and your governance team. New Simbli Users: Discover how Simbli can help revolutionize the way you conduct meetings, improving efficiency, facilitating transparency, and saving time and money.

Key Features and Enhancements

Simbli’s new user interface dramatically improves usability, making it much easier to create and publish meetings, and navigate between meeting agendas and meeting agenda items.

The new Simbli Meetings module features dramatic speed and performance enhancements, providing a turbo boost to everyday tasks and activities within the software. Open and edit meeting agendas, attach documents, and add content to meetings, all at lightning speed.

Accessible anywhere, any time, and on any device, Simbli’s responsive design now offers users much improved accessibility via mobile and tablet devices – including creating, editing, reviewing, and participating in board meetings.

Simbli is now compliant with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), making it easier for users of all abilities to participate in and stay updated on board activities through the online governance platform. ADA website compliance means boards can be confident that content on their Simbli site is accessible to people with a range of disabilities, as set forth by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Simbli’s new Meetings module now allows users to:

  • Open an entire agenda in ‘edit mode’ quickly modifying agenda items, assigning items, updating item status, and creating sticky notes for specific agenda items
  • Easily control options to allow viewing by specific roles
  • Easily attach meeting minutes from prior meetings to new meetings
  • Record meeting and item level action items, and create action item reports to attach to future meetings
Special Pricing, Promotional Offers, and Incentives

A Perfect Time for an Upgrade

Whether an existing Simbli Meetings module user, Simbli subscriber not currently using the Meetings module, or governance team member reviewing paperless Meetings software solutions, there’s never been a better time to explore the new Simbli Meetings module. Contact our sales team for a personalized demonstration or reach out to inquire about pricing, promotional offers, and special incentives for referring Simbli to your friends, colleagues, and peers.

Meeting Management at its Very Best

What They Say

“A longtime Simbli Meetings module subscriber, I’m simply blown away by the new enhancements. It’s incredibly easy to use, remarkably efficient, and very fast. I thought it was a game-changing, life-saving application before but now – WOW!”
Ken Jones – Washington County Public Schools

ga_vision-project Introducing the All New Meetings Module