Addons and Extras

Documents and Communications

In addition to the Core Four (Meetings, Planning, Policies, and Evaluations) Simbli features two additional software modules that offer enhanced communication, and digital resource management functionality. The perfect supplement to the Core Four, Simbli’s Board Documents and Communication software help boards communicate, collaborate, and share resources more efficiently and effectively.


Make misplaced documents a thing of the past with Simbli’s Documents software. Simbli’s online library provides a central repository for all of your important board documents, with permissions to allow board members, staff and the public to access exactly what they need while keeping sensitive data secure.
plan-alignment Board Documents and Communication Software

Create folders to classify and manage
your documents.

safety-and-security Board Documents and Communication Software
Safety and Security

Set folder and file permissions for either public or private access.

multiple-meetings-types Board Documents and Communication Software
Multiple File Types

Upload virtu ally any file type, including Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or graphics.

reporting Board Documents and Communication Software
File Update Alerts

Receive instant updates when files have been added or changed.


Communicate with your board and the public without having to rely on your technical team to update your website, or worrying about lost emails. With Simbli’s online portal, you can streamline communications with all stakeholders, creating separate channels for internal and public viewers, including customized news feeds and calendars—all searchable by date or keyword.
news Board Documents and Communication Software

Share updates, such as board or performance results, via public,

private or RSS news feeds.

advanced-search Board Documents and Communication Software
Advanced Search

Quickly access news items with
date or keyword search.

calendar Board Documents and Communication Software

Create public or private calendars, controlling visibility

and administration rights via permissions.

meetings-integration Board Documents and Communication Software

Automatically post meeting agenda links
to your calendar of choice.

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