Our Story

Far from a traditional ‘About Us’ section on most company
websites, our story isn’t actually about us.

It’s about you.


Almost 25 years ago, the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) set out on a journey to help school boards in Georgia’s public schools improve leadership and governance in their districts. For more than a half-century prior, GSBA board development staff worked alongside leadership teams in those districts and heard firsthand the struggles of hard-working and dedicated board secretaries, board members, superintendents, board members, and support staff.

They listened. They learned. And then they got to work.

Focusing on using technology as a way to improve efficiency, they applied best practices learned through decades of training and collaboration with school districts to create software that tied together all the important work of the board including meetings, strategic planning, board policy management, board evaluations, communications, and documents.

Nearly 25 years later, our software, Simbli has been adopted by hundreds of organizations across the U.S., including school districts, government agencies, hospitals, community service centers, and home owner associations, with every dollar earned going back into our product and towards supporting public education.

We’re still listening. We’re still learning. And we’re still working to improve, with board members like you continuing to help write and tell our story.

eBOARDsolutions Supports Public Education


Our mission is to help boards lead and govern
effectively and operate efficiently.
How do we do it?

We Understand Your Needs and Goals

We understand boards, care deeply about addressing your needs, and share your passion for achieving better leadership and governance.

We Constantly Strive to Improve

We're constantly working to improve Simbli, with our customers leading the way in helping to drive our development priorities.

We Provide All-World Support

With free training and support for the life of your subscription, we deliver smiles by providing all-world customer service and support.

We Care About Public Education

A subsidiary of the Georgia School Boards Association, our core focus is giving back to public education through Simbli subscriptions.

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