Building Your District Technology Plan

Building a Technology Vision and Plan for the Future

Join Dr. Aaron Turpin, Assistant Superintendent of Technology for Hall County Schools, GA and one of the Center for Digital Education’s ‘Top 40 Innovators In Education,’ as he outlines a recipe for success in building a district technology vision and plan for the future including networks and services, information technology, instructional technology, web development, and technology funding.

Hartselle City Schools - Spotlight on Success

Paperless Board Meetings – Making the Move to Digital

When Dr. Vic Wilson became the superintendent of Hartselle City Schools in July of 2013, one of his first priorities was to evaluate his new surroundings. Personnel, processes, culture, organizational priorities — all garnered his attention as he began his new leadership role in the Alabama district and helped develop and guide the strategy he would employ to help bring success to the students of Hartselle City Schools.