education-superintendent Board Governance Software Solutions Nancy Keller Superintendent "It all comes back to student achievement. We need board software that helps provide us with insight into how our work is positively impacting the success of our students." EDUCATION non-profit-board-chair Board Governance Software Solutions Mark Martinez Board Chair "Sitting on the board of a local charity organization, I find I'm constantly on the run. I need to be able to access my board management software anytime, anywhere, on any device and I need it to be easy!" NON-PROFIT government-board-secretarylarge Board Governance Software Solutions Amanda Schwartz Board Secretary "Things move at a fast pace at the county office. With minimal time to manage meeting agendas and policy updates, I need board management software that saves me time and effort. GOVERNMENT corporate-cio Board Governance Software Solutions Jonathan Sanu Chief Information Officer "I'm looking to simplify, not add complexity. Give me a single board management tool that handles meetings, planning, policies, and evaluations and I'll show you a bunch of happy board members." CORPORATE education-pr-director-large Board Governance Software Solutions Tom Miller Public Relations Director "When it comes to distributing news and information, my board management software needs to facilitate communication, collaboration, and most of all, transparency. EDUCATION corporate-ceo Board Governance Software Solutions Jenny Lieblich CEO "Accountability is an important part of leadership. Our board management software needs to put us in a position where we can properly assess ourselves and the work we're doing." CORPORATE non-profit-cfo Board Governance Software Solutions Mario Peters Director of Finance "The board depends on me to help find resources that will streamline our processes, increase productivity, and save us money. Board management software that can help me do that is a very sound investment." NON-PROFIT education-superintendent-small Board Governance Software Solutions non-profit-board-chair-small Board Governance Software Solutions government-board-secretary Board Governance Software Solutions corporate-cio-small Board Governance Software Solutions education-pr-director Board Governance Software Solutions corporate-ceo-small Board Governance Software Solutions non-profit-cfo-small Board Governance Software Solutions


Understanding the Needs

At eBOARDsolutions, we’ve been serving boards and the people who work with them for the better part of 20 years. That experience has led to a keen understanding of challenges and the types of tools and resources needed to be successful. Simbli makes board management easier by providing school boards, governments, nonprofits and other decision-making bodies the tools and resources they need to get more done. Simbli’s one-of-a-kind suite of six integrated modules for meetings, strategic plans, board policies and regulations, board/leader evaluations, communications, and documents brings all of the board’s key governing documents online in one easy-to-access, convenient location.

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Impact Student Achievement

With so much at stake for educators and school and district leadership, school boards need board management software that truly helps impact student achievement. Simbli helps streamline board management, simplifying tasks like agenda development, policy updates, and board assessments – all while helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Streamline Board Governance


Local and state governments, municipalities, committees and special planning boards are often overwhelmed with mountains of paperwork, meeting agendas, policy notebooks and strategic plans. They also require the highest level of organization and transparency in order to benefit the citizens they serve and to continue operating in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Simbli does all of that – and more.

Save Valuable Time and Money


Improve the day-to-day operations of your non-profit board of directors. Our online board management software is comprised of a collection of different modules that can be used independently or collectively, depending on the needs of your non-profit. Using eBOARDsolutions, your non-profit will not only save money on your supply costs for board meetings, but also on the time and effort your staff spends preparing meeting documents, binding policy manuals and publishing strategic plans the old fashion way. With eBOARDsolutions, everything your board members need can be easily be found in your online portal or on an iPad.

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Maximize Productivity and Efficiency


Corporate boards are tasked with overseeing the activities of a business and establishing future goals. If your board meetings feel unorganized or are not accomplishing strategic goals, then it’s time to change the way things are done. It’s time to start using eBOARDsolutions’ corporate board management software. eBOARDsolutions can help your business or corporate board utilize Simbli to get more done!

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