Associated School Boards of South Dakota

Associated School Boards of SD Adopt Simbli


The Associated School Boards of South Dakota (ASBSD) is preparing for a transition from their current school board policy system to the eBOARDsolutions Policy software. The Policy software will provide ASBSD the opportunity to offer their members features that will streamline the overall school board policy process. In advance of their October 1 launch date, the Associated School Boards of South Dakota have communicated with their members about the transition and the benefits that come with the move.

ASBSD is attempting to ease this transition by spending a good portion of their communication efforts reassuring their board members that the new system from eBOARDsolutions will still provide them free access to our more than 400 sample school board policies, as well as allow them to review the policies of school districts who are members of the ASBSD “school board policy community.”

Currently, ASBSD has six school districts that have joined the community and they wanted to highlight them to show other school districts that these new community members are from all over the state. To do this, ASBSD took South Dakota’s public school districts’ official map and highlighted the school board Policy module community members by highlighting each community member in their official school color. ASBSD believes that as additional school districts join our school board Policy community this map will become a striking, and colorful, marketing tool.

ASBSD also included a testimonial from an administrator whose school district uses our online policy service, and the document’s final page highlights the benefits of the ASBSD-eBOARDsolutions partnership. eBOARDsolutions Business Development Manager, Dan Wilkins, was instrumental in assisting ASBSD with the development of the brochure by providing feedback and helping them craft their message.

eBOARDsolutions is looking forward to the launch of ASBSD’s new Policy module!

Original article written by:

Tyler Pickner
Director of Communications
Associated School Boards of South Dakota