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Together, Everything is Possible

eBOARDsolutions, Inc. was created by the Georgia School Boards Association. From the beginning we believed that collaboration was the key to success, working together with our strategic partners as a team to furtherenhance our services for members and customers. We’re very proud of the strategic partnerships we’ve formedwith our fellow associations around the country and we’re grateful for their involvement and support.Together everything is possible.

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The Chocolate to Our Peanut Butter

The Perfect Combination

In the history of great combinations, the pairing of eBOARDsolutions and our strategic partners is arguably better than Oreos and milk, chocolate and peanut butter, and yes, nachos and cheese. Working together, we’re able to enhance the products and services we provide to our members and customers, helping the boards we serve, and the people that work with them, simply get more done!


Working together to enhance our member and customer services.


Sharing and modeling best practices and thought leadership.


Providing valuable feedback for continuous improvement.


Driving awareness for current and prospective customers.

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